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Texxon Oil brings projects to production. It’s our mission to increase shareholder value by producing existing resources while continuously expanding proven reserves.

Do you want to be a part of a growing movement to continually develop historically active properties? Find out why we’re the driving force behind revolutionary technology in the US and Canada.


With an estimated increase in energy demand of 50% over the next two decades, the appeal for energy and its practices has never been greater.

Thinking about investing? Take a look at our curated projects.

  • Twin Peacks

    A powerhouse of investment, Double Hill is a production facility thriving on our existing partnerships with professional and experienced partners. Our local values exceed global expectations with proven reserves and established and careful planning in oil strategies. Double Hill is unrivalled in the production arena having yielded positive results at exploration. In a mere few months since launch we’re seeing a credible revenue, liquidity and an increased company value resource. Want to take that next step in share-holder maximization? Double Hill is our giant slayer.

  • Soldier Creek

    Modest operations require careful planning and simple execution; Soldier Creek is a stealth project with a great deal to offer. It sits on the bleeding edge of technology with a competitive streak in drilling and production techniques; all cost-effective, all fully operational, never underappreciated.

    As ever we’re working at a local level to meet global expectations. Looking for a boutique operation focus on partners and production rather than overheads and structure? Soldier Creek is our vanguard in the field.

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